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Digital Literacy Coach REPORTS TO: Principal and Director of Technology JOB GOAL: Foster the teaching and learning of multiple literacies and digital technology integration within the school environment JOB DESCRIPTION: The Digital Literacy Coach will be supervised by the school principal and assistant principal and also work with the Chief of Academics, Directors of Curriculum and Instruction, and Technology. The Digital Literacy Coach will support/instruct students, teachers, and support staff as they implement curriculum which incorporates and encourages use of multiple literacies (text, visual, media, digital and technology). They will provide learning opportunities and instruction for students that focus on makerspaces, STEAM activities, and other innovative instructional practices. They will also be responsible for the Learning Commons Area of the school. He/she will have a schedule that is flexed when necessary in order to provide workshops for parents or professional development sessions for staff and work with teachers and students. This position requires participation on the school and district technology committees, and the School Improvement Team (SIT). The Coach will stay current in digital literacy technology developments by attending state or national professional development conferences and meetings. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: North Carolina Teaching certification (preferred) Certification as a Library/Media Specialist (076 licensure) or Instructional Technology (077 licensure) Masters, or eligible for provisional licensing Evidence of recent course work or certificates in Digital Technology, Information Literacy or related studies (preferred) Three years experience as a classroom teacher at the level assigned (preferred) Three years of experience as a Coach or demonstrated success as an adult learning mentor (preferred) Experience and skill in the use of digital technologies, promotion of reading, information literacy, and applications to support instruction Evidence of recent professional development in digital literacy and information literacy Demonstrated ability to work with administration and staff to engage and foster positive collaboration and advancement of digital platforms Demonstrated skill in workshop presentation methods Strong knowledge and understanding of Learning Commons frameworks, American Association of School Librarians, or Future Ready Librarian frameworks (preferred) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Monitor and continue to develop the Learning Commons book collection, records, inventory, check out of materials. Design and deliver before, during, and after school trainings for staff at faculty meetings, planning times, or on district wide PD days; Provide teachers with consultation, assistance, feedback and modeling of best practices through a structured and well scheduled program utilizing an in-class individual, small group and whole class model Coach teachers to use appropriate techniques, literacies and applications for all students by modeling and co-teaching; Represent the school at district meetings regarding information literacy and digital technologies; Participate on school and district Technology Committees and the School Improvement Team; Develop STEM/Makerspaces within the Learning Commons to involve students and staff in fostering the growth of the 4 C’s (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking) Recommend appropriate resources and materials to the principal and Director of Technology; Meet regularly with building technology staff to plan for required equipment or applications for classroom instruction. Integrate digital approaches into existing or new curricula where it aligns with and stimulates learning based on the school improvement plan and district strategic plan; Organize and facilitate at least 2 parent/teacher workshops on digital literacy; Perform other tasks related to the role of Coach or Digital Technology as deemed appropriate by the Building Principal and/or district supervisor; The role will not be an extension of administrative staff.

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Start Date01/19/2023

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