Under limited supervision, performs a variety of general custodial work and functions as a head custodian for a small number of lower level custodial workers.  Work consists of inside and outside duties and may involve extreme weather conditions, dust, pollen, insects, asbestos, housekeeping chemicals, etc.  Duties include sweeping, mopping and using vacuum cleaners to clean floors; washing walls, woodwork and fixtures; and policing buildings and grounds to empty trash and pick up debris, etc.  May be required to respond to emergencies at school and work minimal overtime.  Reports to the school principal or assigned supervisor.





Carries out supervisory duties including the following:

            Assigns tasks to other custodians
            Demonstrates work procedures
            Observes work of lower level custodians and identifies any needed improvement
            Maintains adequate supplies and materials on site
            Maintains records of work schedules and assignments
            Reports outstanding or unsatisfactory work and behavior to supervisors


Maintains restrooms and locker rooms including the following:

            Empties trash

            Sweeps and damp mops

            Cleans and disinfects commodes, urinals, stall partitions and sinks

            Replenishes towels, toilet tissue, soap, etc.

            Cleans mirrors and other accessories and shower walls on a daily basis

            Washes walls and windows and dusts areas not washed on a weekly basis

            Cleans ceilings and light fixtures

            Machine-scrubs floors on a monthly basis

            Polices and spot cleans a minimum of three (3) times daily


Maintains entryways, hallways, stairs, stairwells and elevators including the following:

            Empties trash

            Damp mops tile

            Vacuums carpet, mats, etc.

            Cleans and disinfects drinking fountains

            Removes marks from walls and dusts walls, doors, lockers, etc.

            Washes entryway windows

            Sweeps stairs and entryways on a daily basis

            Dust mops and picks up litter three times daily

            Spray buffs twice weekly

            Washes windows weekly

            Cleans light fixtures, dusts high areas, bonnet cleans carpet monthly

            Wet cleans entrance mats monthly

Strips wax or machine scrubs and waxes tile floor minimum twice yearly or as required


Maintains campus and building exterior including the following:

            Picks up trash and debris

            Sweeps or operates blower on sidewalks

            Empties trash cans daily

            Washes and disinfects dumpster area weekly

            Washes windows twice yearly

            Washes doors and windows around doors monthly or as needed

            Removes leaves, trash and debris from stairwell, yard, driveway and parking lot    drain covers


Maintains classrooms, offices, lounges, gyms, auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms including the following:

            Empties trash

            Sweeps under desks, corners, behind doors, etc.

            Vacuums carpet and upholstery

            Dust mops tile floors and gym floors

            Aligns furniture on a daily basis

            Sweeps and removes trash under bleachers

            Damp mops floors

            Dusts horizontal surfaces and furniture

            Removes marks from walls and furniture

            Cleans corners and baseboards

            Cleans chalkboards and erasers weekly

            Washes interior windows

            Cleans light fixtures, dusts high areas, blinds or shades, bonnet cleans carpet          monthly

            Scrubs and refinishes tile floors twice yearly

            Spot cleans carpet as required

            Cleans blinds yearly


Maintains mechanical/boiler rooms, storage areas, etc. including the following:

            Conducts visual and sound check of boiler operation, pumps, drains, etc. three       times daily during heating season and once daily during non-heating season

            Sweeps, removes trash and washes down as needed


Maintains custodial closet, equipment, etc. including the following:

            Cleans, checks and makes minimal repairs to assigned equipment

            Empties trash

            Organizes equipment and supplies neatly each day

            Orders/replenishes supplies from head custodian weekly


Maintains cafeteria area (including any student restrooms adjacent to cafeteria as above) jointly with Child Nutrition Service workers including the following:

            Sweeps and mops dining room floors on a daily basis

            Moves cafeteria furniture as needed for school programs

            Cleans blinds yearly

            Strips wax and waxes tile floors twice yearly or as required.

            Assists emptying trash as needed


Maintains grounds and lawn equipment that may occasionally be required by the administration including the following:

            Mows and trims grass around buildings, athletic fields and other areas as assigned             and as required

            Weeds, prunes and mulches landscape plants and beds or flower beds as needed

            Checks oil before cranking motor after each re-fueling, or more often if      equipment uses oil

            Cleans air filters as needed

            Cleans equipment including around belts and decks, tightens bolts etc. after each   use


Checks and replaces light bulbs as needed in all areas (maximum height safely reached with 10-ft. ladder).




Moves and adjusts furniture as needed.

Moves books, boxes, etc. as needed.

Secures buildings and rooms by closing windows and locking doors as needed.

Works at special school events as required.

Participates in group and one-on-one training sessions provided by the school and

custodial department.

Performs other related duties as directed by the principal or assigned supervisor.




Six months experience in custodial work and some experience in supervising other workers preferred.




Physical Requirements:  Must be physically able to operate vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, buffers, brooms, mops, small hand tools, etc.  Must be able to exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects.  Must be able to perform work involving physical strength for extended periods of time. Physical demand requirements are for medium to heavy work.


Interpersonal Communication:  Requires the ability to speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange information.  Includes giving instructions, assignments or directions to subordinates.


Language Ability: Requires the ability to read simple forms.  Requires the ability to prepare time sheets and supply requisitions using prescribed format.


Intelligence:  Requires the ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written or oral form.


Verbal Aptitude:  Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, to follow oral and written instructions. 


Form/Spatial Aptitude:  Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width and shape.


Motor Coordination:  Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes rapidly and accurately in using custodial equipment.


Manual Dexterity:  Requires the ability to handle a variety of items such as custodial equipment.  Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.


Interpersonal Temperament:  Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions.  Must be adaptable to performing under minimal to moderate levels of stress.


Other:  May require valid NC driver’s license and school bus driver’s license.




Considerable knowledge of the standard methods, materials and equipment employed in custodial work.


Considerable knowledge of safety precautions and warning signals regarding school building equipment.


General knowledge of the standard methods and equipment used in custodial floor maintenance (stripping and applying wax to floors)


Considerable knowledge of the proper procedures for handling hazardous wastes and hazardous substances.


Considerable knowledge of cleaning procedures and the use of cleaning materials.


Ability to follow a written schedule.


Ability to perform medium to heavy physical work.


Ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative in completing assignments.


Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by work assignments.

Working knowledge of procedures to operate heating and air conditioning equipment.

Skill in the use of small equipment used in routine cleaning.

Ability to work with other people, including making assignments.

Ability to understand and follow simple oral or written directions.

Ability to keep records.